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August 10, 2010

The following is from Dr. Steve Chaney who established and teaches nutrition in the University North Carolina Medical School.

Beware of Cut Rate Vitamins!

Dr. Stephen Chaney, Ph.D.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is taking inexpensive vitamins. Mail-order vitamins offer fantastic “deals” and are worth just about what you pay for them.  NEVER buy these vitamins or supermarket/pharmacy brands without checking them out first.

Cut-rate products often contain addictive ingredients, food allergens, sugar, artificial food coloring and flavoring.  Many are coated with shellac, or contain potentially hazardous chemicals like cholorine.

Potency and purity can vary widely from pill to pill and bottle to bottle.  A study at Duke University examined 13 bottles of one popular supplement.  These samples showed they contained 60% or less of the amount of nutrients claimed on the label!

Another problem is freshness.  The FDA does not require expiration dates on supplement bottles so many companies don’t include them.  Calcium and some other nutrients can last for a year, while others, like vitamin B and C are unstable.

Shaklee performs up to 176 separate tests for purity, freshness, potency, and safety on the raw ingredients for a single product.  Products undergo as many as 262 separate quality assurance tests throughout the manufacturing process as well.  In addition, all product label claims have documented substantiation.

Cause in point, Shaklee stopped production of its Asian Ginseng, dispite the huge demand for the product, due to contaiminants like herbicides and pesticides found in raw ingredients after floods in China.  They will not resume production until they have a proven safe and pure source for the product.  Many brands at the supermarkets, health stores, and mail order companies are still selling Asian Ginseng! Scary, isn’t it?

Some things to look for in a multivitamin/mineral supplement:

  • Biotin—an extremely important but expensive B Vitamin
  • 100% of the DV for all B vitamins
  • More than 100% of all the antioxidants Vitamins C & E
  • Trace minerals—needed to fight oxidation, regulate blood sugar, and help build bones, critical for brain function and essential for growth and development.
  • Fast Dissolving = better absoption (drop it in water; how long does it take to dissolve?)

Shaklee Vita Lea has been the best nutritional insurance you can buy for over 40 years. Vita Lea provides the most comprehensive, balanced supplementation available, with no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.  Independent laboratory tests have showed the disintegration time of Shaklee vitamins at only 17 minutes, while some take hours!

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  1. December 2, 2010 1:21 am

    online health stores always give some promo and discounts that is why i always order from them -.`

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