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Lose Fat & Inches Without Losing Muscle

November 9, 2009

In 1980, 35% of Americans were overweight to obese…..

$46 BILLION dollars & hundreds of diets later……

More than 65% of Americans are overweight to obese.


So why are these “diets” failing? Keep reading.

Most diets are:

  • Nutritionally inadequate = you feel bad, sooner or later.

  • Too hard to follow = interferes with life.

  • Results are too slow =  frustration.

  • Unsafe ingredients = negative side effects (ephedra, ephedra alternatives, other stimulants).

  • Slow your metabolism = the “yo-yo” effect.

The Viscious Diet Cycle:

diet cycle

So, you start a diet, you reduce your calories, and lose some weight. BUT there is no way to tell if you are losing MUSCLE or FAT. Well, with most diets you lose fat & MUSCLE. After dieting, you can’t burn calories like you did before. So you gain the weight back. Then you start your next diet, and now you are a part of the yo-yo dieters!

Well, here is what I am using to help lose fat and inches without losing muscle: CINCH !!!!

cinchBottom line






Why Cinch Works:

  •  Formulated to help you get off the dreaded diet cycle.
  • Leverages 50 years of nutritional science leadership and innovation.
  • The Cinch program and products are based on more than 100 published studies and clinical papers on individual ingredients.
  • Clinically tested leucine formula.
  • Powered by Leucine.

cinch banner

 Formulated to help break the diet cycle, so you can:

  1. Keep muscle you have.

  2. Burn fat you don’t need.

  3. Lose inches you don’t want.

How Cinch works:

The Cinch Inch Loss Plan is different. It addresses one of the primary reasons other diets fail. Cinch provides you a plan to lose the weight right away. Instead of losing weight from fat and muscle , the Cinch Inch Loss Plan is powered by Leucine – an essential amino acid, to help preserve muscle while you lose weight from fat. The Cinch Inch Loss Plan is scientifically formulated to help you lose weight, lose inches, and break the cycle of perpetual dieting. The Cinch Inch Loss Plan is designed for real life, so it also addresses the the physical and emotional challenges that come along with your weight contrl efforts. With proprietary formulas, the Cinch products will help you control your hunger, boost your energy, and keep you feeling satisfied. Plus, you’ll get healthy personalized menus, specific to your body’s needs and your individual preferences.


  • Helps you lose weight and inches without feeling hungry.
  • Clinically tested with leucine formula to help preserve muscle during weight loss.
  • Provides protein to help control hunger and preserve muscle.             
  • Provides the support and tools you need to be successful.
  • Helps you achieve healthy lifestyle changes.                                              cinch plan
  • Offers personalized and flexible meal plan options.
  • Helps you lose pounds and inches.
  • Promotes weight loss from fat.

Everything you need to get start losing inches today!

With Cinch, you get to meals a day in a delicious shake or meal-in-a-bar, a yummy snack bar to treat yourself, a 3-in-1 supplement with ingredients to kick up your metbolism naturally, and an extraordinary tea fo naturually energy. Plus, the kit come with an eating guide, CD software, pedometer, tape measure, and more. Each product uses proprietary formulas, which were developed after 50 years of Sport’s nutrition development.

Please contact me if you need more information about getting started on the Cinch Inch Loss Plan.

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